The Sexting Project

About the project

For the past five years, Stroyer has focused on a particularly juicy part of contemporary photographic culture – sexting. The word is a combination of the words sex and texting, and refers to the sending of erotic cell-phone images or text messages. As a part of #snapshot, Stroyer presents her Sexting Project, an ongoing personal project that started in February 2010.


The project consists of a series of cell-phone pictures exclusively donated by Danish people of all ages. The pictures have not been taken for the project itself, but instead have been recorded in a sincere moment of lust or love, intended to be shared with only one other person.

The Sexting Project documents contemporary visual love letters that are distributed effortlessly and always carried with us. Even though the images are highly sexual, the project should not be seen as pornography but rather as a celebration of human sexuality, body, and love.

The images are not perfect nor are the bodies depicted in them - yet, they are real with real people showing real feelings in a cell-phone snapshot.


© Sisse Stroyer

The Sexting Project © Sisse Stroyer 2015